Kingman Community EZ Recycling
Recycling has environmental, economic and social advantages.
Recycling generates civic pride and environmental awareness.
Recycling helps prevent environmental pollution.
Recycling saves natural resources.
Making products from recycled ingredients often uses much less
energy than producing the same product from raw materials.
Recycling reduces the amount of material dumped in landfill sites
and helps our waste disposal problems.
The city of Kingman Sanitation Department now has
5 convenient locations that are available 24 hours a day!
Bashas' Shopping Center
3360 E. Andy Devine Avenue
Cecil Davis Park
On VanBuren, between Lillie & Sourthern
Centennial Park
On Burbak, between Beverly & Airway
Fire Fighters Park
Detroit and Fairgounds
Safeway (new) Shopping Center
3970 N. Stockton Hill Road
South Side Little League Park
Cross streets are Buchanan & Santa Fe
Items Accepted
Includes items such as office paper, cardboard, phone books, junk mail, magazines and clean food boxes.

Acceptable Cardboard Items
Corrugated Cardboard
Envelope Boxes
Cereal Boxes
Pop Cartons
Tissue Boxes

Unacceptable Cardboard Items
Cardboard with food waste
Cardboard with oil
Wax coated cardboard

Acceptable Office Paper Items
Printer Paper
Copy Paper
Tablet Paper
Sticky Notes
Bagged Shredded Paper
Ream Wrappers (paper only)
File Folders & Card Stock

Unacceptable Office Paper Items
Folders with metal parts (ex. hanging folders)
Food and Candy Wrappers
Paper Towels and Tissue Paper

Includes milk containers, shopping bags
and items market #1 and #2.
Aluminum Cans
Crush them if you want.
Steel & Tin Cans:
Cleaned cans such as soup, vegetable and tuna.
Glass: Includes clear, green and brown glass, cleaned with lids removed. Bottles and jars are the only types of glass that can be recycled.

Remember, ONLY recycle GREEN, BROWN and CLEAR bottles and jars (NO white glass or ceramics please).

It is important that bottles and jars are UNBROKEN because broken glass of different colours can’t be sorted for recycling. It is also a safety risk to the workers who hand sort your recycling

Do not put the following items in your recycling bin:
Light globes or fluorescent tubes
Window or mirror glass
Ceramic cups/plates
Drinking glasses

Electronic Waste:
  Electronic Waste is only accepted at the City of Kingman Public works Department located at 3700 E. Andy Devine.
Includes computers, key boards, printers, monitors, scanners, fax machines, televisions, stereos and more!
Recycling Facts
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